Care Package Wish List

Wish List:

Germ-X (PLEASE!)

Old Spice Deodorant

Cards, Letters, Pictures and Postcards


Duct Tape


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Reese’s/Kit Kat/Snickers/Twix

Canned Chicken Plain/Canned Beef with Gravy


Canned Chili with Meat

Velveeta Cheese Block (PLEASE!) 😉

Cheese slices (kraft singles don’t have to be refrigerated. Surprise!)

Crystal Lite Drink Singles (Raspberry and Strawberry are my favorite but a variety would be nice)


Macaroni & Cheese

Rechargeable AA/AAA batteries

Black Pepper

Packets of sauce mixes: alfredo, fajita, taco seasoning, stir fry

Just add water pancake mix (Put in ziploc bag and include front/back of box to save room)

Hamburger/Tuna Helper (Again with the ziploc baggy idea, variety of flavors, I can buy beef and tuna locally)



* Mail can take up to 1-2 months possibly even longer. Be sure to include “Airmail” or “Par Avion” on any mail. A picture of Jesus attached to any packages is suggested to prevent theft and tampering (You can also call me Father Anthony). Ground delivery has been known to take up to a year in some cases. Also, please do not include very expensive items without consulting with me first because I will have to pay outrageous taxes and import fees. Also on any custom sheets use “garage sale” prices and fill in all spaces in boxes. (recommended by another PCV) Open boxes, plastic packaging to release air to take up less space and to be able to include more in care package. 😉 Finally, even though surprises are nice, it is more exciting as a Peace Corps volunteer to know that I have something on the way so please let me know when you send me something. That way I can also let you know how long it takes to arrive. 🙂 Thanks!


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