PST coming to an End

05 Aug

Me with my Host Family in Gonde, Ethiopia

The official 10 day countdown has begun. My PST (pre-service training) is coming to an end and I am now preparing for my LPI (Language Proficiency Interview; I think that’s what it stands for) which is the big language test I have to pass in order to successfully complete my PST before I can be sworn in with the rest of my G7 training class as official PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers). I have one more full week of training which will consist of safety & security sessions, medical sessions, technical training and most importantly Afan Oromo language review and a mock LPI to prepare us for next week’s big test. On August, 15th we will travel to the nation’s capital where we will have a few nights to enjoy ourselves. That Thursday we will have “Addis Day” where we will be able to buy supplies for our house at our permanent sites. For example, I plan to buy a portable stove, a spring mattress (I pray to the Lord above I can find this) as well as pillow cases and a decent bed set. Then Friday, August 17th is the date of my group’s official Swearing-In Ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa. I don’t know if I’ll have another post until post swear-in so it may be a couples weeks before the next one. The day after swear-in, I will move to my permanent site of Sire, in the East Wellega zone of the Oromia region. As I’ve mentioned before it is a bumpy ride about 7 hours (9 hours if your bus breaks down like last time) west of the capital. Another prayer to add to the list is that my road gets completed ASAP so I can travel somewhat more comfortably & that my town is blessed with internet. Well, I will wrap up but I want to share my new address again as well as a basic wish list first. A bigger wish list will be added to a new page on my blog once I find time (this means a few weeks once I’m done with training and moving). Below is my new address and wish list:

Anthony Navarrete

P.O. Box 27

Sire, East Wellega, Oromia


(For any packages or letters please be sure to mark Airmail or Par Avion on all items. This will ensure the fastest delivery possible which is normally between 1-2 months. For all packages a picture of Jesus on the outside of the box is suggested in order to prevent tampering or theft. Properly package any liquid items and be aware that aerosol items are prohibited and won’t pass customs. Finally, please date and number all letters, this will help me to know how long it took to arrive as well as if any letters have gone missing.)

My Gonde crew at the Sodere Resort last weekend!

Wish List:


Old Spice Deodorant

Letters w/ Pictures

Electric Razor (with built in Int’l Voltage Converter)

DePauw/Alumni Gear (Copies of The DePauw)


Fly Traps (as many as possible)

Electric Insect Zapper

Measuring Cups/Spoons

Wine Opener

Duct Tape

Vegetable Seeds


Chocolate Chip Cookies (Wrap in aluminum foil & put in empty Pringles jar works well I’ve heard)


Kit Kat/Reese’s

Shampoo/Body Wash (Be sure to put things like this in a Ziploc baggy or something)

Round- trip ticket back to Kansas City Int’l. Airport for a vacation back home; August 2013

Dry or wrapped foods that would last in the mail and that don’t require special ingredients


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2 responses to “PST coming to an End

  1. Vicky Munoz

    August 5, 2012 at 8:11 PM

    Tony ,

    It is so good to read about your life thus far ….. what an adventure you are experiencing .
    I love the fact that you gave us a WANT/NEED list ……I will be sending some of these
    items within the next month ……….until then PRAYING for you and the Will of God in
    your life .

    In Christ Jesus ,
    Vicky Page Munoz

    • anavarrete2012

      August 22, 2012 at 3:27 AM

      Hi Vicky! Thanks so much for reading my blog. I do miss good ole Slater. Just FYI, due to unforeseen circumstances I will be changing towns. So the address, I gave in Sire is incorrect. Please wait to send anything, this just happened over the last couple of days. I will get my new address in a few days I hope.

      God Bless, Tony


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